Greg Schochet






I have been teaching guitar and mandolin in private, group and camp settings for close to 20 years now. While some musicians consider teaching something you do only until you have enough gigs to pay the bills, I have come to regard it as an essential element of my musical practice. The reward I feel from being a successful teacher is every bit as great as that of excelling in my playing. 

I have been the primary bluegrass guitar and mandolin teacher at Woodsongs Music, Boulder's longstanding acoustic music store, since 1998. The focus of my lessons is, and has always been, to help people learn how to play with other people. The Front Range of Colorado has a thriving bluegrass jam community; you can hit at least one sit-in-a-circle jam every night of the week within a 30 minute drive. I teach largely to that experience, which includes proper technique, repertoire, jam etiquette, and much more. 

My love of bluegrass led me to pursue some related styles, and I now have a good number of students who come to me to learn swing, country, gypsy jazz and more. I embrace any student who is inspired to learn, from first-timers to professionals in working bands. 

I have taught at a number of camps including Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Targhee Bluegrass Camp, Colorado Roots Music Camp, California Coast Music Camp, Walker Creek Music Camp and more. I find that I thrive in these environments, surrounded by hungry students and other accomplished instructors. 

It has often been said that not all great players make great teachers, and that one can learn a lot by teaching. I believe both of these axioms to be true, and am proud to be working hard to be on the right side of both.