Greg Schochet






Thoughts on a new website

Is writing about my website on my website what the kids call "meta" these days? I'm going to say so, until somebody tells me otherwise. 

Either way, welcome to my new website. I made it myself on Squarespace. While I generally get creeped out spending too much time thinking, talking or writing about myself, this has been a surprisingly enjoyable project. You see, I love to explain things (hence the long-running teaching gig), and a website for a freelance musician is like a caveman trying to portray his life with a charred stick on stone walls; an imperfect yet essential medium. 

I set out to make a site that is personal first, promotional second. What I knew for sure going in was that I could not stomach writing about myself in the third person. I'd rather pet a bald cat. So here you will find me talking about myself and my musical life as I would to you in person.

Truth be told, I'd love to see more independent bands and artists talking about their work in their own words. I want it explained to me. When you have achieved a certain level of industry stature, say like Los Lobos or Sturgill Simpson, I start to buy that others are actually writing about you and your work. Until then, let's just cut out the imaginary middleman.

Of course there will always be a need for "traditional" promotional material in third person, and until Nicholas Dawidoff comes calling to write about me, I'll write about me as if I'm not me. 

But I am me, and this is what I think about this stuff...thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your thoughts! Or your favorite examples of good (or really bad) band bios, 'cause I still have to write one for myself, unless any of you would like to...