Greg Schochet






Charlie Christian, one of my guitar heroes. 

Charlie Christian, one of my guitar heroes. 

Swing music has taken over my life in the past few years! While my professional musical life has a good amount of swing in it, I still want more. In the past three years, I've helped cultivate a pretty happening little swing scene here in Boulder. It started for me by teaming up with Kyle Ussery, with whom I started a weekly swing night at the No Name Bar on the Hill in Boulder. From there, we met some some young cats who are like-minded about swing. We play the old-time stuff, which I consider separate from jazz.  Together we call ourselves the Boulder Swing Collective.

They are: Jeremy Mohney - alto sax and vocals; Matt Cantor - guitar, upright bass; Andrew Bonnis - upright bass, guitar and vocals.

We play every Tuesday at the No Name, every Thursday at the Waterloo in Louisville, as well as the occasional gig elsewhere, in addition to busking on the Pearl St. Mall.  

One of the first swing tunes I learned. Here Kyle and I give it a healthy workout duo-style.