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photo by Kit Hedman

photo by Kit Hedman

I joined this fine band in the spring of 2013. How fortunate I was to find that some of Denver's most acclaimed players were having a hard time finding a guitarist with an interest in Western and old-time swing to play a highly arranged repertoire at blazing fast tempos without a drummer! 

Katie is one of the country's most decorated Texas-style fiddlers; in 2014 alone she won contests at Rockygrass in Lyons, CO, Walnut Valley in Winfield, KS and the Colorado State Championship. She writes great songs and sings like a bird, to boot. Eric Moon (piano, accordion) is a universally acknowledged musical superfreak, as well as the organist for the Colorado Avalanche. Charlie Mertens (upright bass) is one of Denver's busiest and most versatile bassists…just ask him to play you some Indian ragas. 

Things are moving quickly for this band: we played a TEDx event this year, are returning to Folk Alliance and planning our first East coast tour for 2015. Below are some tracks from the studio album we made shortly after I joined, and a few videos, too.

I play a 1951 Epiphone Triumph Regent through a 1940s Webster Chicago amp. 

This is Katie's arrangement of an Elvis classic, with some shout choruses stolen from Lester Young and Charlie Christian. I love playing ensemble parts with these guys!

I wrote this tune years ago, but it finally found it's home with this band. It's an instrumental about coveting thy neighbor's grass. 

And of course, a Texas fiddle tune.